But We’ll See If They’ll Play This

Post Update: A few notes about the filing, which is available? @ The Smoking Gun:

  • AAR owes Al Franken $360,749.98 in wages.
  • AAR owes Mike Malloy $114,678.64 in wages.
  • AAR owes Chuck D (Carton Ridenhour) $10,749.99 in wages.
  • AAR is already in the hole to Peter Werbe for $600 and to the Young Turks for $6,923.10 in wages.
  • Former AAR heads Goldberg, Krantz and Sinton have disputed wage claims.
  • There is a nearly $300K claim, undisputed and unliquidated, with ICBC Broadcast Holdings Inc., a.k.a. WLIB-FM.
  • AAR owes Real Networks $85,100.
  • I have not been able to find George Soros’ name ANYWHERE in this document. ?

Get ready for the BillOs of the universe to run out of their offices and to start dancing in the streets like the malevolent little schadenfreude junkies that they are. Tune into “The Factor” tonight and do a shot every time the phrase “I told you so” leaves that big mouth on that enormous, enormous head.

Air America Radio has filed for Chapter 11.

You see, the policies of this government are apparently so paper-thin that they can’t stand up to the slightest of scrutiny by anyone, not even by a motley band of misfits broadcasting on frequencies that render them as HAM radio operators. From day one, many of the most predictible of voices have beaten this drum, that Air America Radio will fail, and worse: Indeed, the Big Giant Head once said that they should be rounded up and arrested, just for broadcasting.

Fortunately, Chapter 11 doesn’t strangle AAR’s ability to? “annoy and to bait Bill O’Reilly.” Probably quite to the contrary. The glee from these folks that is around the corner indicates that they? don’t understand or want to pretend they don’t understand the difference between a Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing and one filed under Chapter 7.

You see, Billy, if AAR were actually about to go tits up, they’d file Chapter 7. Filing Chapter 11 means they intend to stay in business. So, I wouldn’t get your “Be-A-Pepper-Drink-Dr-Pepper” dancin’ shoes out of the closet just yet. You can revel when you tune in an AAR affiliate and hear salsa music. Until then, you’ll just have to seethe about AAR’s existence, just as we seethe about the existence of Fox “News.”

The crack editorial staff here at KIAV will do everything we can to support our beloved radio de la moonbat. Starting with this one thing you should know: Your Washington, D.C. AAR affliate, 1260 AM WWRC, carries its programming via Internet stream. That means you can listen to it on your compyooter, supporting your local AAR affiliate even if you can’t seem to tune it in on your hi-fi.