For Papa

There were two things I said over the Thanksgiving that made Papa Bonk and Uncle Hat look at me like I was crazy, or, more likely, that I’d just had too much Glüwein. First, we were talking about Brit bands who spent an album copying American country music. Papa mentioned the Stones. I mentioned the Kinks, and was looked at cross-eyed.

Sigh. The album name was on the tip of my tongue, Papa, but, indeed, “Muswell Hillbillies” does exist.

The second item I mentioned that got a blank stare was this, one of my very favorite television moments of all time and one of my very favorite political slogans. That’s right, Kanye. He doesn’t.

Incredibly, PB had never seen this. Probably because he’s, um, more of a reader.

Incidentally, it’s been nearly a month since the Untied States erected Barack Obama as President, and I just have to say: So, this is what competence looks like. I’m so pleased.