I Finally Get It

I have been trying to wrap my head around the Employee Free Choice Act. Now I get it.

There are two ways to form a union. You can vote, or a majority of the bargaining unit can sign a piece of paper.

As it stands now, though, an employer can tell you and your signed pieces of paper to screw.

The Employee Free Choice Act says they have to recognize your signed pieces of paper, too.

Thanks, Wiki!

One of my favorite brief explanations of employer attitudes regarding unions is from, yes, Thom Hartmann: Workplaces are not democracies. Workplaces are kingdoms. Unions are democracies. And democracies tend to make kingdoms nervous…

Two items on the interwebs worth reading.

First, this post at The Left Coaster. It’s a somber assessment of the new administration’s adventures in Congress.

Second, this blog: d-day.blogspot.com, which does a good job sifting through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

I’ve been trying to squash the uncomfortable feeling that President Obama is getting yanked out to sea by the undertow. But that may very well be what’s happening.

Kucinich 2012

We here at the Serious Poo-Poo Institute of Technology have wondered for some time what the hell a guy’s gotta do around here to get impeached.

Now, we know.

An Illinois legislative impeachment panel started work on an unprecedented impeachment process Tuesday, taking the first steps toward removing Gov. Rod Blagojevich from office.

The embattled Democrat signaled he isn’t going down without a fight.

Lawmakers on Monday quickly shelved the idea of setting a special election where voters would fill the vacant Senate seat of President-elect Barack Obama — the seat the governor is accused of trying to sell before his arrest last week on federal corruption charges.

But the House also voted 113-0 to create a bipartisan committee that will recommend whether Blagojevich should be impeached.

Pot Pourie

  • By the way. If you had your heart set on buying up “kucinich2012.com,” it’s too late. I just wish I could find a T-shirt.
  • Anyone else nervous that Obama has yet to name a Labor Secretary?