Buzz Aldrin Is Awesome

This vid from CNN is interesting just for the Mythbusters guys alone. But to see Buzz ” @therealbuzz ” Aldrin, the first man to pee on the moon, clock a landing denier in the head, well, that’s just priceless.

I am not one generally to advocate violence. But I must cheer at Mr. Aldrin’s perfectly natural reaction and to note how much of the horseshit floated by the right wang sounds like the nonsense discussed folks like this idiot who got clocked. Please, I’m not suggesting that anyone go out to punch anyone in the head. But this tape certainly is cathartic.

Nevermind The Facts

People are so weird.

On Hardballs tonight, guest host Mike Barnicle played a YouTube vid of a law student “taking on” Rep. Barney Frank. It was, of course, chopped to pieces. If you saw it run on your cable news shows tonight, you probably should watch the entire thing.

The interesting thing is that the YouTuber who posted it characterizes the exchange like this:

A Harvard Law student takes Massachusetts Representative Barney Frank to figurative school during a Frank appearance at the university on Monday night.

Do people just not care about facts at all? Frank defends himself adroitly and takes the kid apart for being shaky on the facts. Not to mention, the guy gets a few laughs. As this exchange actually went, Frank eviscerated this smartypants.

Not to mention, Frank ANSWERS THE QUESTION despite the kid’s continued insistence that he hasn’t answered the question, and he does so correctly. He says, specifically, that he as a member of Congress didn’t push hard enough for stronger regulation. THAT IS, IN FACT, CONGRESS’ CULPABILITY IN THE MATTER. As a whole, this legislative body has let the de-regulators shit all over the place for the last decade or so, and that is how we got here.

Regarding the phrase “on your watch”: It is worth being reminded that September Eleventh happened ON GEORGE DUBYA BUSH’S WATCH. Draw your own conclusion, oh heckler of congressmen. But it occurs to me that self-proclaimed “conservatives” might consider weeding that expression out of your vocabulary. Fuckpig.