How Clamorous the Noise

I have just watched the knock-down dragout between broadcast professionals Geraldo Rivera and The Big Giant Head which apparently occurred recently on “The Big Giant Head Factor” on Fox Noise Channel. Since I do not watch the Fox Noise Channel, I caught it of course on the internets. Be warned. When you go to watch it, you will be convinced that you are about to witness a murder.

You see, apparently there’s this drunk driving case in sunny Virginia Beach where the fella what was driving was an illegal immigrant of the brown-skinned variety, and it’s not his first offense. Ted Baxter was angry because, in his opinion, this occurred because this gentleman was not escorted to the border and asked to leave after the first incident. Rivera countered that, perhaps, this actually occurred because the gentleman was imbibing alcohol and that his country of origin and immigration status were irrelevant.

HuffPo’s “Eat the Press” makes the conclusion from this that The Big Head is losing his mind. Though I hasten to point out that we knew this about him long ago. I personally wonder if this exchange gives us a larger picture of the state of morale at the Fox Noise Channel.  

Dude. You’ve got to watch this thing. Geraldo’s got blood in his eyes. The vein in his forehead throbs. You can tell. He is doing everything in his power not to commit murder on national television. It’s a beautiful thing, cathartic in a way, to see someone so express what The Big Head can inspire with his hypocrisy and his Archie Bunker compartmentalizing of the world and his cherrypicking and his bullshit.

It just makes me think, when two “broadcast professionals” who have already made the concession to work for the Fox Noise Channel go at one another like pit bulls in a jelly jar; and when the voice of reason through that broadcast is the fella what promised to shave off his mustache if Michael Jackson had been convicted; well, how much longer until the Fox Noise Channel shakes apart at the seams? Eh?