Michelle Obama and Other Delights

“I like my beer cold, my TV loud and my homosexuals flaming.”

—Homer J. Simpson

I got a double-shot of Michelle Obama last night night before last. She was on the John Stewart Show and then she was on the Larry King Show. Larry King may be one of the most useless interviewers in history. Michelle Obama, however, is simply an incredible person. King tried to pin her down and ask her if all this stuff made her mad. No, she said, you just have to keep on rolling and know who YOU are. That’s such a commendable reply, and is, I suspect, the secret to the Obamas’ success.

It is interesting though to note peoples’ annunciation demons. Michelle Obama cannot say the word “pundit.” She says “pundint.” Of course we know that Prudence “Heh? Heh?” Palin has the same “nukyoolar” affliction as does the Current President and that Randi Rhodes cannot say the word “subsidy” (she says “substidy”). I myself have trouble uttering the phrase “President Palin.” It always comes out as “Grab your ankles and pray to Jesus!”

I also was fortunate to have caught Dr. Maddow of course on the Big Chin Hour with Jay Leno last evening. She was brilliant as usual. Not to mention she wore REALLY BIG GLASSES. Like someone else I know. (Me.) It is glorious to see this brilliant lefty accorded such recognition. Papa has said and I agree, we enjoy Countdown quite a lot, but, these days, we’re damned near sitting through it just to get through to TRMS. She is the best, truly.

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