Arrogance Unlimited

So White House Flautist Tony Snow today was all like, what the heck would ya need transcripts for, ya dummy?

Speaking of dummies… ==>

He really said it, regarding the ongoing “my contempt of Congress is bigger than your executive privilege, is not, is too.” (I know I used it before. I like it.) He said, “What do you gain from a transcript? The answer is, not much.”

The point isn’t what’s actually “gained” from the transcript, TonySnow. It’s that it exists. So the record may show that Harriett Miers picked her nose at 1:17 p.m. So that if Karl Rove inadvertently comes out of the closet under oath, we might know that. Mostly, tho, it’s so you lying rat-boners will have to start smelling the sweet disinfectant known as “sunlight.”

That reminds me. Did you hear the one about the 18 days missing from the recent e-mail dumps (which may the most aptly named person place or thing out of Washington since the current president started calling Alboo Gonzoo “Fredo”)? 18. Not minutes. Days. Uh-huh.