Finally, the Tables Are Starting to Turn

What a shame that the American government must perodically be pushed to the gnarly edges of Constitutional crisis just to run through its own bowel.

(Yes. We were just watching “Grey’s Anatomy” reruns.)

One would think that the architects of this fine nation would have been wise and wizardly enough to have created some form of government whereby said government were trisected, and whereby each of the sections would have another of the sections looking over it, providing, how you say, “oversight,” so that the American government would not have to poke its own finger down its throat every 30 years or so.

Oh, wait.

It’s a shame, too, that this administration’s smudged blue dress is no more than a bungled personnel issue, that it has nothing to do with a preferential government contract offered for the exact same amount of munny that had been negotiated for a Washington lobbyist to purchase a boat for a Congressman, thereby drawing a direct straight line from a now jailed ex-congressman directly to the top of the food chain or anything that’s all batsexy like that.

Oh, wait.

For some reason, the ancient insult, “may you live in interesting times,” keeps perking up to me. You too? Yeah?

My question is, if the current president does send his beloved Alboo Gonzoo, he who saved the then current governor of Texas from having to cop to a drunk driving charge, packing, does that mean all this subpoena silliness goes away? Or does the “my contempt of Cngress is bigger than your executive privilege, is not, is too” contest commence even if The Torture Guy gets canned/resigns to spend more time with his family?

P.S. A special note to mashup artists: Tracy Chapman’s “Revolution” and Boston’s “More Than a Feeling.” Get to work!