The Cornered Rabid Elephant

Here’s what I think, as I ponder the news of the last few days up until the very last few miliseconds, as I hear that John McWeirdsmile says he now does not want to debate on Friday due to the “economic” “crisis.”

I think you are witnessing a political aparatus with its back to the wall. And it’s going to fight like a hungry mama duck on on steroids standing on a hot plate with spurs in its feathers. Because the issue isn’t just that these people don’t want to surrender power. It’s not just that they want to appoint the next three Supremes. It’s not even just that they’re failed idealogues who still believe fervently anyway and want to keep trying.

It’s that, if they don’t win, they might not have time to shred everything before President Obama gets the keys to the file drawer. These assholes have a LOT that they don’t want you to know, and I think they’ll claw to keep power so they can continue and continue and continue dragging government into the opaque of earth until you simply can’t even see it anymore.

If you think you’re seeing some desperate gambits on the part of the Republigoats now, just wait. This “suspension” of McWeirdsmile’s campaign is just the start. It is a desperate gambit that Mr. Obama has today confirmed is sheer, utter bullshit.

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