We Have A Nominee!

I was walking off the subway to my garage and managed to tune in The Rachel Maddow Show just in time to hear live sound of the roll call. I was so utterly pleased to have gotten to witness it live in some capacity. I have to cop to some lump-throatedness.

My housemate is an African-American guy, and he’s all about Obama. He says “it’s a long time comin’,” and I agree, though maybe perhaps possibly not for the same reason.

I just happen to think it’s about time we elect a smart guy to be the President. Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

Now. I’m not usually a Melissa Etheridge fan, but she is givin’ me some chills here. And. Speaking of chills. I have to give Hillary Clinton her props. She did it. She did it. Now let’s see if Mr. Clinton still has the mojo.

If he does, I may even take back the “poop-washed the legacy” comment.

By the way. If you’re not watching on C-SPAN, and if you’re not reading WTF Is It Now?? then you are not getting the full convention and election coverage.

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