Its the Media Noise, Stupid

Brady’s coverage of the convention is so good … thoughtful, brilliant, passionate… that I hate to post anything here this week. Truth is, I have not been watching the convention much. Too staged. I have been listening through the white noise of MSNBC’s commentary to get answers to the big questions. How was Ted Kennedy (who nearly wrecked the 1980 convention) … really good. Michelle? Awesome. Hillary? Great job.

Couple things.

1. I think Barack Obama owes Bill Clinton a nod and a thanks, and I think he will get it.

2. I think it is disingenuous for the Clinton’s to be bitter about the way Obama ran his primary campaign. Their attacks on Obama were so good that McCaine is now using them. On the other hand, its got to hurt to lose this one. It was once so obvious that she would win. (How did they fail to recognize the value of the caucuses? How could Oprah betray them? How could they not understand the value of internet fund raising?) It may be Hillary’s last chance to be president. The Clinton’s last shot at a dynasty (look out for Chelsea.).

3. In the final analysis, however, I really don’t think Bill or Hillary ever had any plan but to say the right things, endorse Barack and move on. They know there is too much at stake to let John McCaine extend that Moron George W. Busch’s term another four years. I was not surprised to see that she made the right speech, and I will not be surprised to see her doing what she needs to do to get Barack elected.

A lot of this is the media noise machine. Hillary made some mistakes, perhaps because she has some followers who were more bitter than she, perhaps because she is having a hard time not being emotional about this. It probably does not matter what she did. The media would never give her credit for magnanimity, it does not fit their story line.

The Clinton’s never caught a break. Big media always characterized Bill and Hillary as ruthless, power hungry, greedy.  They were never the young, idealistic couple from the rustic hills of Arkansas who wanted to reclaim America. They never got a shot at being Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. In the eye of the media. Arkansas was always a place where hillbilly politicians killed each other over pork belly futures, ruthless moonshiners hung out in the Governor’s mansion, and the Governor got rich on shady land deals. In Washington, the savvy inside media guys all knew they were going make their careers busting the president. Anyone who thought otherwise was naive. So the mainstream media (Washington Post, New York Times, Time, Newsweek to name a few) had no problem making a tsunami out of Whitewater creek, even though there were never any real facts reported, only innuendo and rumor attributed to unanimous sources. They gave the story of Hillary murdering Vince Foster enough credibility that a Special Counsel had to look into it. They bought lies wholesale. The media could never find George HW Busch’s lover, who was in plain site on the FCC payroll. They ignored Newtie Gringo’s abominable treatment of his wives and non-stop skirt chasing. But they spent years trying to document Clinton’s peccadillos, and finally came up with a blow job in a closet.

The Clinton’s have a right to be bitter. We should all be bitter.  Bill Clinton accomplished a great deal as President. How much more could he have done if he had not been so distracted by the media noise?

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