Doom and Gloom…Lifting

I know I was gloomy yesterday posting here re: Los Clintons. I’m just so damned aggravated with them, aggravated to the core. It’s not just that I can imagine them performing an upper decker on this convention. It’s that they’ve already done so to the great tradition and legacy of the Clinton Era. I’m sorry, but a politician who can’t weed “my opponent” out of her vocabulary this far into primary season makes me a leedle nervous.

Though it occurred to me yesterday that some of the stories I referred to might have been stirred up by the Right-Wing Scheme Machine. I mean, I didn’t make up the Wolffson quote, certainly, which I think was outrageous. But it is possible that some of those stories were planted. Regardless. I don’t think my gloom surrounding the Clintons is unfounded.

However. Last night’s events have lifted my little cloud. One could not have asked for a more spectacular opening to a convention. Ted Kennedy’s appearance was inspiring, Michelle Obama’s speech was pitch-perfect, and how about those Obama girls? Talk about cute overload…

Kos’ take on it brings even more sunny optimism.

And now…here’s why I really like Joe Biden.

(The topic at hand was a Bush speech about Iraq, Sept. 13, 2007.)

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