Stabby Stabby

My gosh Tyre Nichols was handsome.

They keep showing his picture over and over again on MSNBC. He was beautiful. He was gorgeous. He was so pretty. And his death makes me think of a quote from the infamous movie called FIGHT CLUB. Where the guy beats the living shit out of Jared Leto and justifies it by saying: I felt like destroying something beautiful.”

Those cops. Those cops destroyed something beautiful. They did it yards away from his own home. While he was, as President Biden would says, was LITERALLY, LITERALLY, HE WAS LITERALLY calling out for his mom. And by that I mean literally. He was hards away from her the he was lynched. He was not calling for her as a spiritual exercise. He was really asking for her help.

I remember where I was when I first witnessed the video tape where the LAPD beat the living shit out of Rodney King. I was in a corporate apartment in Virginia. And we all watched it, we all did. And the visuals are remarkably similar. What is it, 34 years later, something? And we haven’t learned a fucking thing. We’re still killing people in the streets with batons and kicks and punches and tear gas and tasers, and most of the people suffering that fate are black people. Just like Rodney King, just like now, just like handsome, skateboarding Trye Nichols, who came home every dinner to eat with his mom and who skateboarded and was a father.

When does this stop?

When do we stop being afraid of our policemen?

Fortunately for me, I have the invisible blanket of whiteness. I have talked a cop out of arresting me at least once, Maybe twice. This is not the honkey you are looking for. That kind of thing.

That poor man. I watched the video of it. Did you?

I watched a man who was sometimes throughout the brutal torture that would lead to his death, I watched him stood up in his pain at times, only to be fallen. I heard these incompetent peace officers claim to ask Nichols to give the his hands despite that he was prostrate and obedient. I saw batons.

I do not understand how this happens. It is violence and I do not understand why people tend to choose violence.

I wish it were not an option.

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