Positively Sad

So I just said that, and that was snarky. But I feel like I have to be a bit more truthful than that to be real.

I don’t like President Trump. I think his presidency is a sham. I do not think he intended to win in the first place. I think his guiding light through his presidency has been an unabiding resentment and hatred of the previous office holder. I think he is the most unqualified person to have ever have been in the office. I think he is dangerous. I think he has destroyed our democratic republic.

But I feel a great sadness seeing our President airlifted to a hospital.

Part of it is that I just wish well to the office, to the office holder, and to the future of our fragile nation. We are suffering enough now. We do not need an absent executive to get us into further trouble. Nor does this uncertainty bode well for nearly every aspect of our nation.

But I am mostly torn apart by a simple fact: This did not have to happen.

The inner circle of the President of the United States did not have to be a superspreading incident. Taking that further, superspreader events did not need to happen at all. 205,000 American corpses did not need to happen. Pretty pretty Hope Hicks did not need to be infected. This did not need to happen.

There wasn’t a single incident that caused this, but instead a straight-driving reign of thought. This will just disappear, he said. Young people don’t get sick from this, he said. You should eat hyrocloroquine tablets, he said. Just try it. It’ll be gone by Easter, he said. Shut up and go to church. Shut up and go to school. Shut up and go to work.

And now, he has it, as does now like a dozen of his inner circle. KellyAnne Conway has the fucking thing. None of this had to happen.

None of this had to happen.

Anyone now who intends to vote Trump in the upcoming election is voting for a man who was in a position to save many lives, and who didn’t do that. He chose not to save lives. He chose not to wear a mask. He chose not to eschew large crowds, in fact, he gathered large crowds on purpose and cajoled them if they wore masks. As recently as Tuesday, he made his competition out to be an asshole for wearing a mask.

The next week and this stupid asshole is in the hospital and who the fuck is running the country.

None of this had to happen. What an irresponsible, reckless, horrible, stupid, unthinking presidency. Brought to you by the Republican Party.

I’m so upset I could piss on public property.

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