Headlines Answer Ya Questions

As the flotsam and jetsam of current events wash around in my head, it’s just funny how I keep coming up with issues of “I wonder” and then I find a headline that answers the question. Must just be something in the air.

I was thinking, for example, about the social media meme that goes around listing all of Impeached Preznit Carnage’s accomplishments. A really great blog entry would be to go through and debunk that list (3/4 of them are voice votes in Congress and so not actual “accomplishments.”)

It turns out that the Washington Post has already done this story: A Fact-Checked List of Trump Accomplishments

Then I start thinking, well, maybe it’s time to take a close look at that new “health care plan” that Impeached Preznit Carnage “unveiled” last week. Hey, look! the Washington Post did that already!

After years of promising his own health care plan, Trump settles for rebranding rather than repealing Obamacare

Thanks, folks!

So then I’m in the shower and wondering what the Biden administration might do differently on Middle East policy, specifically, how in the wide wide world of sports would we ever rejoin the Iran deal and try to stem the development of a nuclear program in that rogue nation?

A little upstart publication called al-Monitor has a succinct analysis of this: Why rejoining the Iran nuclear deal isn’t so easy, even if Biden wins

Did you know that Iran is a little pissed at us due to the US sanctions, and that they for some reason or another have not been excited about complying regimen via the JCPOA? Shocker. Re-entering the previous deal or creating a new one has been severely complicated by Trump’s abrupt withdrawal from the previous framework.

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