Don’t Look Back, Part Two

I failed to mention a detail I noticed regarding James Comey. I read Hillary’s post-mortem, What Happened. Actually, I listened to it, as read by the author.

And you can tell whom she’s most upset with regarding 2016, just in her tone of voice when she reads a particular section of her book.

Comey. Oh, she’s so pissed off at Comey.


I could spend more time trying to talk you down from your 2016 PTSD, my fellow seekers of peace, but to do so would require further relitigation of that election season. I think there’s been enough of that.

One more detail, though, to consider when comparing and contrasting the election season then and today: Incumbency. 2016 was the first election in 16 years where there was no incumbent.

Those are more difficult waters to navigate. Whom do you run against? Do you defend or run on the predecessor’s record? If you were the vice president (as is likely) and the electorate is in a mood for change, how screwed are you?

But this is 2020, and, unlike 2016, we have an incumbent, an incumbent whose record is, objectively, abysmal. That makes your talking points stick to their bullets.

This is not 2016. And we have 63 days. And while I want to be careful not to tempt the wrath of whatever from high atop the thing, I will tell you that this is one voter who thinks good things are afoot.


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