Republigoat National Nightmare, Day Four

Just for fun, we’ll start with a probably partial speaker list from tonight:

Mitch McConnell
Dana White, president of UFC
Ann Dorn
Ben Carson
Rudy Giuliani
Sen. Tom Cotton

What I enjoyed most about this evening’s festivities, besides maybe the excellent view one had all night of Joy Reid’s sternum, was that there were probably about 1,500 people sitting on the South Lawn of the White House. I look forward to the Sturgis-like numbers in D.C. in about a week-and-a-half.

Also, hey Internet: Melania Trump wore a green screen tonight. Have fun!

Having now witnessed the last night of the Republigoat National Nightmare, I will say this. I used to work in that neighborhood. A lunchtime activity was for a group of us to take a walk around the White House to walk off lunch. And even though at the time one was still held far away from the building by the tall steel fences, it always felt somewhat comforting that it was there.

I suppose it was only a matter of time before Donald Trump brought his distasteful, crappy golden-toilet aesthetic to the White House.

I mean, first, let’s get this out of the way: Stop bagging on what they did to the Rose Garden. They didn’t deface a historical space, and they actually may have improved the “rose garden” aspect of the place and improved accessibility. Dig it from Snopes.

And I wanted to give a similar pass to the idea of holding the Preznit’s keynote at the location due to safety concerns due to the Trump Virus. However, if you saw the crowd and how they were packed in there like anchovies, then that justification is a Jango loser. No, this guy turned the White House into his own Sportpalast, and my largest takeaway is that I hope Congress takes a long look at this travesty.

If you’re interested in more nit-picking about tonight, I suggest going over to NPR and have a looksee.

Or check out a lightning-round fact check here (link goes directly to Twitter, thank you Daniel Dale).

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