Pam Geller You Crazy Slut

So USA Toady calls Pan Geller a “fiery activist” who is “known for taking on Islam.”

True maybe. She is also an idiot and a bigot best known for her campaign against the “Ground Zero Mosque,” which is not a mosque and not located at ground zero. Geller and her partner Robert Spencer have been said to be “the primary sources for the anti-Muslim propaganda that had helped give voice” to the manifesto of Anders Behring Breivik, the Norwegian mass-murderer.

Now, Geller and her American Freedom Defense Initiative, which the Southern Poverty Law Center has called a hate group, is sponsor of what she calls a “free speech event” that gives prizes for drawing the best comic representing Mohammed the Prophet.

This weekend a security guard at the event, held in Garland, TX, near Dallas, was shot down by two yahoos out to defend the honor of Islam and wage jihad against infidels. The Yahoos, as could be predicted, were gunned down by Texas police. Here there is a buttload of what the popular media calls “controversy” that is “swirling.” This is the kind of “controversy” that has one primary aim… make MS. Geller rich and famous and promote the interests of her obvious patron, Bebe Netanyahoo. Some points are worth making.

1. If you want to paint a target on yourself and attract a carload of Moslem terrorists, you should hold an event that offers a big prize for the best comic depiction of The Prophet.

2. Is this a free speech event? Yes it is, not a noble one, but it is a highly important constitutional principle that free people have a right to say whatever they please about anything, even religion. You cannot take the “free” out of free speech and leave it functional. Having said that, we should note that the sponsors of this event have an obligation to support all free speech… just like the ACLU supports nazis and liberals and gays and christians. So the christians, and Jews (and Ms. Geller’s Israeli patron) who supported this event should be equally supportive of events that promote Jesus and Mary jokes or Wailing Wall jokes (Jesus and Mary walk into the Wailing Wall Bar and Grill and sit at the bar next to a pig)… or the truth about how many Palestinians Bebe has killed today.

2. I saw the winning cartoon. It proves once again that conservatives have no sense of humor. An average disaffected sophomore could have done a better job.

3. Most important, why is it that the good guy who got shot was a renta cop? In fact, a moonlighting school security guard. While trying to pick up a couple of extra bucks to make the car payment, he takes the hit for… Pam Geller and the half dozen or so hot shots who put this dangerous event on the ground and stand to make money and fame from it. As in all wars, the people who suffer most are not the people who benefit from it.

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