Tell Us Again Why We Need More Tech Visas


Sillyicon Valley has been telling us for years that it cannot find enough tech graduates to fill its ranks, so  it MUST recruit overseas or outsource (also overseas). This is why, the Tech gurus say, we must reform immigration laws so they can recruit more scientists and engineers from India and Pakistan.

I have been saying for  almost as many  years that the real  reason Sillycon Valley wants to  open the immigration gates to techies from India and Pakistan is  that employees from the subcontinent work cheap.  The bosses who run the tech industry would not feel the need to go outside the USA for workers if they could pay them what they might pay comparable employees in India.  After all, a lower payroll means a bigger bonus. For some reason, American graduates who spend zillions attending American universities think they ought to  get paid well enough to live comfortably and pay back their student debt.

Now comes USA Toady with a report that only half of the minority graduates (i.e. Black and Hispanic) with tech degrees from major American universities are being hired by the high technology gods.  These include PHDs from fine American Universities with pretty good football programs like Rice and Florida and even Kansas (OK not so much on the football program).

An explanation for this  is that Sillycon Valley only recruits from Stanford and Berkeley and UCLA and Carnegie Mellon.  Another is  that the world works better for plutocrats when the middle class has significantly lower expectations.  In any case it certainly gives the lie to the notion that we do  not train enough techies in the USA.

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