More Lies About Immigration

The Republican Party’s lies and fabrications surrounding President Obama’s current immigration debacle are so many and obvious that it is hard to tell where to start.  Maybe with the most important issue… the demand that the President violate the Constitution of the United States of America and deport all these immigrants IMMEDIATELY!!

Yes,  immediate deportation without due process is a clear violation of the Constitution, which the right wing crazy people who dominate the GOOP so frequently complain that the President violates regularly.  (Although to be fair I have never read of a Republican complaining that someone is  getting too much Due Process.) Check out the Fifth Amendment.  It says “No person shall be …. deprived of life, liberty or property without due process of law.”  Note how it says “No Person.”  Not “no citizen,” or “no native English speaker,” or “no adult citizen.”   It says no person, meaning that every person who is taken into custody in the USA will get a hearing that will determine his/her rights.  This is a good thing because it protects us from arbitrary actions by law enforcement which can be biased or controlled by lawless forces; and it protects us from errors … for example what if one of those kids is actually a sixth grader born in Florida and vacationing in Texas?  So the President would be violating the Constitution of the United States if he failed to provide each alleged illegal immigrant a hearing. EH?

Second, there is the William Wilberforce Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act of 2008 (TVPRA). Signed into  law by George  Busch it provides that unaccompanied immigrant children who come into the custody of the USA be placed in the care of the Department of Health and Human Services.  This law is an amendment to and expansion of the child protection provisions of the USA Patriot Act, which established the Department of Homeland Security and granted the NSA vast powers to spy on citizens.  The purpose of this provision was to protect children from international sex trafficking.  Among other things, it provides that children have a right to  claim asylum, that they will have an appointed lawyer and that they be screened to determine their physical condition.

Does it seem strange that the GOOP Leadership, which has complained loud and long that the President is making extraordinary use of the executive authority and ignoring the Congressional Will, is now complaining that the President is NOT ignoring the requirements of the statute which Congress passed by a substantial majority and which was signed into law by the Republican’s  own brave leader, Dubya himself?  They plan to sue the President for what they call ignoring congressional intent, and now claim that he should be ignoring Congressional intent.  HUH?

More folly is found in the consistent refrain of many prominent GOOPers and talking heads:  WE HAVE TO CLOSE THE BORDER… Obama HAS NOT CLOSED THE BORDER!!!  The idiot Texas Governor has been singing this aria all over the telewaves.    Think about this for a moment.  If Obama had not closed the border, would all these immigrants have been captured and detained?  Wouldn’t they have slipped through the net and found jobs at Mickey Dees and Home Depot by now?   Isn’t  the very fact that we are overstocked with captured immigrants a sure sign that the border is pretty well sealed shut?

And finally there is the absurd assertion by the batshit crazies that somehow Obama orchestrated this mess to undermine the government and destroy democracy as we know it.  This notion is just too stupid to address.

The  truth is there is no issue here.  The purpose of this nonsense is to continue the attack on the President, to undermine his authority and ensure the failure of the government.  We should be calling bullshit on this all the way to the polls in November.

One thought on “More Lies About Immigration”

  1. Another Democrap article labeling truths as lies. Only Obama knows the real motivation for his opening the borders to the world, but the speculation is based in history. If you like your sovereignty, you can’t keep it as long as Obama holds the office, however illegally, of President. And get ready for martial law and the NWO.

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