Popular Urinalism at Work: No wonder we are fools

If you want a good picture of the lack of clear thinking that goes on in the mass media, take a look… doesn’t have to be a close look…at the recent flap over Clivon Bundy. My local newspaper is typical. They are all enraged about how Bundy is a racist and shaming all those Republicans who were backing the Bundy story.

And the message they get out of it is you should look into the background of people before you back someone because you never know… he might be a racist, or something equally repugnant, like a child molester or socialist.

The press has yet to be outraged over Bundy’s principal crime. The guy says he does not believe in the U.S. Government, steals government property, summons a gang of armed domestic terrorists to his aid, defies the courts and threatens to kill federal agents. But that is not a problem for the editorial writers. The problem is that, while betraying his country, the old fool made it clear that he is a racist. If Bundy had the good sense to keep his racist views to himself, apparently, he would still have the respect and admiration of the popular media. Rand Paul and Rick Perry would not have to apologize.

Fixxed news is still not taking any heat for the nearly endless stream of Secessionist blather that dominates its newscasts.  Aside from MSNBC no one has noticed the obvious truth that if Bundy and his followers were black or Native American or migrant farm workers, the media would be demanding that we send in the Army and take failure to do so as proof that Obama is a reverse racist.

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