Independence Day


It has been nearly a month since I have sat down to jot here. As many bloggers understand, sometimes you just lose the spark.

So. What’s new and exciting?

Oh, yes. Somehow, Chief Justice Roberts (pictured at right) managed to save the Affordable Care Act. From the accounts available, it seems that even Roberts couldn’t bear the notion that his Supreme Court would be the institution that would stake this reasonable and moderate reform of our health care system in the heart.

By the way: I strongly recommend checking out this Reddit thread, a straightforward explanation of the Affordable Care Act.

Anyway, I’m meandering. This here’s Independence Day. And I think there are two things worth reading and ruminating on a day like today.

First is this little document called the Declaration of Independence. The second, and I think just as vital, honestly, is an excerpt from an American thinker named Thom Hartmann, who argues rather effectively I think that the Boston Tea Party wasn’t just a revolt against taxes, but rather, it was the first revolt against global corporatism.

I heard a guy just the other day repeat the oft-muttered charge that today, all we’re doing is remembering a bunch of rich white guys who did not want to pay their taxes. I take nobody seriously who ever utters this nonsense. When these guys signed this piece of paper, they put their fortunes and their lives in danger. You cannot and should not trivialize what the Declaration signers risked and what they accomplished, and, indeed, what remains in the ever-present danger of evaporating each and every day.

Independence. Let’s try to keep it.

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