Get Ready For The Riots

So they released a picture today of George Zimmerman’s bloody head. Here it is:

Wow. Treyvon fucked that honky UP!

OH. Sorry. That’s not actually the one they released. That’s like over here or something.

The hell if I’m re-posting that bullshit.

Because it doesn’t even make sense.

You’re telling me that George Zimmerman accosted this young black man inside of a gated community, after flouting the dispatchers’ command to stand down and let the real police take care of it, and then George Zimmerman respectfully turned around after he’d said his peace and started walking toward his SUV to leave in a peaceful manner, and then this 17 year old kid followed him and grew Wolverine claws and fucked the back of George Zimmerman’s head up all like that, and THEN that, after Treyvon fucked up the back of Zimmerman’s head all like that and fucked his shit up that terribly, that then, George Zimmerman had the wherewithal to unsheathe his firearm, to draw a bead upon the youngster, and to kill him smack dab in his chest?

You buying this shit? I’m not.

Karo and food coloring can sure cover up a lot of malfeasance.

I am just saying: A person does not get beat in the head without some swelling. And if there’s no swelling, then said person was not beat in the head badly enough to justify popping a cap in someone.

This shit. Does not. Make sense. And yet, this asshole will not do any time because America is still a bunch of racist crackers.

Have a nice day.

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