Programming Note

As you are all probably aware, the high holidays for many faiths are upon us. Jews, Christians, and even Pagans, probably among others, will be celebrating their spring holidays, and mazel tov to them and theirs.

I will once again be observing the annual blogswarm known as Blog Against Theocracy. This is because I believe that the separation of church and state is a rather important issue, and that it is increasingly and more urgently under siege with each and every passing year. I believe it is important not just to those of us who consider ourselves of purely secular minds, but also to the faithful. If you want to pray, you should be with us, not with those who would install crosses and commandments into public institutions. Because the only thing that guarantees your right to choose your own imaginary friend in the sky is a nice, neat, secular public square.

Now. I am certain that many of my colleagues might spend some time discussing some certain people within the ranks of the Republican Party. And what many of them will have to say may not be altogether nice. And I might get in a swipe or two here or there as I go as well.

But. By way of preview. In this space, I intend to spend my efforts for the BAT honoring and feting one of this nation’s great Republican minds. And no, I’m not being ironic, not even Alanis-ironic.

Stay tuned. The BAT starts Friday.

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