Current TV: Firing Olbermann ‘Part of a Broad Strategy

Producers at Current TV say today’s firing of well-known and popular
liberal firebrand Keith Olbermann is part of a larger strategy: Irrelevance
and unwatchability.

Current insiders said Olbermann’s “Countdown” flew in the face of the
channel’s programming strategy, running long, drab shows about miserable
social issues halfway around the world, as well as programming showcasing
America’s drug trade, and bride trafficking. And “An Inconvenient Truth.”

“The big boss was becoming concerned that there was one hour per day when
people were actually watching the network,” said channel producer Lou
Grant. “There’d be meetings where Al [Gore] was like, what are we going to
do with this Olbermann and people actually watching us? The next thing you
know, we’ll be expected to sell advertising.”

Olbermann’s visibility also detracted from others of Current’s strategies:
To hire every former Air America Radio host to put them on TV while still
being annoying and unwatchable even to liberals who walk around frothing at
the mouth.

“Liberals were used to tuning in to Countdown for 8 p.m. for
years. It was a time-tested program with a guy who had consistently shown
that he could deliver the audience,” said another producer. “Liberals adore
Olbermann and remember him fondly as the lone broadcaster who first stood
up to the rogue tyranny of Don Rumsfeld and the Bush administration. Why in
hell would we want to have anything to do with that?”

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