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It is too easy to become captivated by a thing such as the Treyvon Martin case and also to go after arguing about the wrong thing regarding it. That is where I am, unfortunately.

I had one of these stupid arguments with a kid at work, a kid who is fond of finding interesting tidbits on his RSS reader and sharing. Usually I shut my mouth and listen because this is a good kid who has helped me immensely on the job. But he started discussing how it turns out that Trevyvon wasn’t some mere vulnerable innocent, nay, in fact, the reason he was in that neighborhood in the first place is because he’d been suspended, because he had some tie to marijuana, and oh yeah, he attacked Zimmerman first, and everyone’s trying to make Zimmerman out to be a racist, and he’s really not, why, he’s even got a black friend…

This line paralyzed my better sense and had me yelling at the kid that I wouldn’t hear him defending George Zimmerman, not when Zimmerman was the one still breathing. As if the thing to do in this case is to take sides. As if there’s a side to take.

George Zimmerman should be awaiting trial, and it’s disgusting, and I think a little bit terrifying, that he isn’t. That’s the issue. When you unload a pistol into a person, you should be brought up on charges and jailed, not cake walked around at the local police station and sent home with a pat on your ass. This is regardless of if Treyvon had ever smoked any sort of substance, of what his academic status was, or even of if he had tried to clock George Zimmerman, which it now looks like that story is being revealed as a bunch of hooey anyway.

A known crazy person and self-styled crime fighter who was known by the police to make overly frequent reports to them during his outings as a “neighborhood watch” volunteer witnessed a black guy walking down the street in a gated community and assumed the worst. That we know from the audio of the 911 call. He was told not to pursue, and he did anyway; again, we know that from the 911 call. We know that he was carrying a gun, something you are not supposed to do if you are carrying out a “neighborhood watch.” We know that he fired his gun into Treyvon Martin, and now, we know that one of the police officers on the case probably lied on the police report because we know from the video that Zimmerman was not covered in blood, was not holding a hand to his nose to stop the bleeding, did not seem disoriented from the barrage of blows to his head, did not have any signs of a developing shiner, that he was not injured hardly at all, even though the police report sez he was really fucked up.

Somebody in that police station tried to cover for Zimmerman, and the prosecutor helped by not bringing charges even though the investigating officer wanted at least a manslaughter charge brought. That is the issue. This isn’t about Zimmerman v. Martin. It’s about a refurbished criminal justice system under which a person could shoot you or me to death and then simply walk away.

I don’t know about you, but I think that’s pretty scary.

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