John Nichols Sheds Light on the Castle Doctrine Laws

Just got home from my day job and was listening to the rerun of the Thom Hartmann Show. He had Nation journalist John Nichols on. And Nichols really connected the dots for me on the “stand your ground” kind of laws we discussed recently.

You know who works behind the scenes to get these laws passed? The American Legislative Exchange Council. And, do you know who was corporate co-chair of ALEC’s Criminal Justice Task Force when ALEC was drafting its model legislation? Wal-Mart.

Guess who sells more guns than anyone in America?

Now. Selling guns could prove to be a tremendous legal liability, don’t you think?

Unless, of course, there are laws on the books that absolve the shooter on the basis of self-defense and expand the net of that legal defense.

Most times, you can draw the line from the confounding issue that doesn’t seem to make any damned sense right on back to a sleazy corporation trying to save a few bucks. Can’t ya?

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