A High-Tech Lynching

Let’s call the murder of Treyvon Martin what it is. That guy was lynched.

If he had been a white guy, he would have gotten to finish his package of candy.

Had he been a white guy, George Zimmerman wouldn’t have thought twice about him walking around after dark in a gated community.

Treyvon was singled out and targeted for one reason: He was black and therefore ostensibly out-of-place in an environ of the privileged and affluent.

And the Stand Your Ground law, on the books in Florida and 20 other states, is precisely what led to, in fact, what may actually have permitted the lynching of Treyvon Martin.

What the “Stand Your Ground” law does is permits police to make the call on the scene as to whether or not a murder such as this one was committed in self-defense or not.

The Florida law goes further: It “…grants immunity from prosecution or arrest to suspects who successfully invoke the ‘stand your ground’ claim. And if a suspect is arrested and charged, a judge can throw out the case well before trial based on a self-defense claim.”

The law is a travesty. And, it’s downright dangerous. Here’s a bit of common sense for Florida legislators: If you are found standing over a corpse with a bloody hole in its chest and you’re holding a warm gun, YOU SHOULD BE ARRESTED.

No doubt about it: The “stand your ground” law in Florida encourage George Zimmerman to perpetrate what I would call an actual “high tech lynching.” And if he hasn’t fled the country by now, he’s an idiot. The dude’s probably going to get away with his lynching, too.

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