Three Out Of Four Republigoat Candidates Agree…and So Do We

It’s time to get the hell out of Afghanistan.

The latest events do nothing more to throw a spotlight upon this idea and to put it into the headlines. A U.S. Army sergeant (allegedly) walks off his base in southern Afghanistan and kills 16 Afghan civilians, many of them children. A Koran is burned. The crazy and the incompetent anecdotes here do not help the effort.

Especially the brutal story of these shootings. This detail:

The Army staff sergeant accused in the incident was treated for traumatic brain injury suffered in a vehicle rollover in 2010 during a previous deployment in Iraq, a U.S. official said. The official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said it was premature to state whether there was any link between the brain injury and Sunday’s shootings.

is reminiscent of the utter incompetence of the Bush administration through the Iraq war. Why was this soldier in country? Why are we still, apparently, over-deploying our troops?

The elder Bonk and I especially find Gingrich’s perspective on the issue rather interesting. Frankly:

We need to understand that our being in the middle of countries like Afghanistan is probably counterproductive. We’re not prepared to be ruthless enough to force them to change. And yet we are clearly an alien presence.

I frankly don’t know what the mission in Afghanistan is anymore. We shot Osama bin Gotten right in the head. Bring out the big banner and fly Obama onto the carrier. Mission accomplished. And, as Gingrich so correctly stated, unless we’re willing or even remotely able to whip the Taliban-tendencies out of an entire culture, unless our mission is to embark on a new crusade (which, duh, I don’t think we ought do), then every day spent there is a waste of resources and lives.

Funny. This war once seemed to be the reasonable one. Now it’s just muddy as hell. What the hell are we doing there again?

Obama has deflected comparisons of this incident to My Lai. But the comparison is going to be made. And frankly, it doesn’t seem to me to be that off. Human beings are generally reared with an instinct and a basic moral system that requires with every inch of their being that they not murder one another. Then you take a guy and you teach him how to kill people, and then you drop him into a foreign land, and you say, you get to kill those people, but not those people. Even though, sometimes, some of those people might be using some of those other people to kill you. And you don’t expect that at least one of those fellas is gonna wander off and pursue it a bit more recreationally?

Thing is, at this point, things can only get worse in Afghanistan. We burned a Koran. Oops. Sorry about that. One of our guys really was a baby killer. Oops. Yo. These are not people who suffer fools lightly. There have already been car bombings and shit over there.

How long until they make their way over here?

Find a way to save face and get out. Or, even more interestingly, just come out and declare the fucking thing over and done and start pulling out the tanks. No reason necessary, no need to save face. This wasn’t your war to start with, President Obama. You accepted the deed and all its liens in what I consider to be a raw deal: I have to end Iraq, so I’ll use boosting presence in Afghanistan as a way to achieve that politically.

But when you killed that bin Larden dude? That was the time to make like George Costanza and leave on a high note.

I’m just concerned the President is gonna start looking a little bit like Lyndon Johnson. Which would be weird. But sticking with Afghanistan may not just be bad policy.

It might also be the deal that seals the Obama Presidency at one term.

This shit can turn on a dime boss. Get out.

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