What It’s Not About

I hate having to write about Rush Limbaugh.

He’s one of those who should not have ink spilled on his behalf and whose primary purpose is actually to have people pay attention to him. It’s kind of like when Osama bin Laden attacked these Untied States hoping that we would go berzerkers and do something entirely foolish and put ourselves on the road to bankruptcy, and then that’s exactly what we did.

Rush Limbaugh wants us to talk about him. And I don’t think it’s because he thinks he’s all that or because he’s merely a psychopath. I think it’s strategery. Because if we’re talking about Rush Limbaugh, then we’re not talking about Mitt Romney or Rick Santorum. It gives those boys a breather, which they could probably use right now as they prepare for a humongous electoral event.

Nonetheless, I feel compelled to write here because Rush’s suppositions regarding @SandraFluke (yes, you can follow her on Twitter) were just so damned bizarre, and his “apology” was written to allow these bizarre assertions to linger.

However, I think it’s vital to note that Limbaugh’s portrayal of Fluke’s testimony is wholly inaccurate, and that his ignorance, whether feigned or actual, speaks to the broader problem about the issue.

Because in order to actually understand this issue or at least to be intellectually honest about it, you must forget that what we’re talking about has anything to do with human sexuality. It plays a role, certainly, but in reality it’s not what all the furor is or should be about. What we’re talking about; what Fluke was talking about, is about access to healh care, not about bow-chika-bow-wow. Even Rush’s “apology” didn’t seem to understand this.

You cannot divorce contraception and women’s health care. I cannot tell you how many women I’ve known who started on “the pill” long before even smooching a boy was a possibility. They started on it because otherwise, they’d have to spend a week out of the month curled up on the floor in agony. Contraception is medical treatment. As is abortion. Unfortunately, opinion leaders like rush treat it like only so much punani politics.

Dear Lush Rimbaugh: This is not about sexual intercourse. It has nothing to do with sexual intercourse. It is about access to medical care and the fact that boneheaded thinking like yours impedes access to it. That’s what it’s about. One can hope that Fluke’s remarkable grace and Limbaugh’s utter bufoonery can help to elevate the notion.

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