KIAV to Albo: Can’t Say We Didn’t Warn You

A few days ago, this blogger predicted a dire consequence of all this talk about contraception and other issues in the general vicinity of it: Less leg for you. You start rattling your sabers about taking the power of contraception away from women, fellas, and next thing you know, you’re doing a lot more shaking hands with the unemployed and a lot less out-and-out kertanging.

Virginia Delegate David Albo has experienced this personally and for some strange reason decided to share the experience with his colleagues on the floor of the Virginia legislature.

To Albo’s credit, his telling of this sad tale actually elicits a belly laugh, which I reckon this legislative body probably needed since its inexplicable recent moves to pass a law that would subject a woman to essentially forced penetration just because she dared to exercise her constitutionally protected right to exercise a common and often even medically necessary procedure.

Albo, you see, was trying to get laid when a newscast came on the TV talking about this disgusting piece of shit of a bill. Well, I’ll let him tell the story.

I’m telling ya, fellas. You are tinkering with a good thing here and in the process you are going to be spending much less time getting stank on yer hang-low.

Trust Women. If not because it’s the right and sensible thing to do, then do it because it will help you get laid. I’m just saying.

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