Have an Abortion. We Dare Ya.

More on this from Bill Tchakirides…

Rachel last evening did a pretty good job examining the law the Virginia assembly is fixin’ to pass that ostensibly at its very un-worst only forces a woman seeking an abortion to succumb to an unnecessary medical test first.

What she and Virginia Delegate David Englin came to the precipice of saying but did not say was that the bill, soon to become a law, requires that a woman be raped before she may obtain an abortion.

Here’s the procedure they’re talking about foisting upon women:

They take one of these:

And they jam it all up in there. Like this:

Now this David Englin fella, he had a novel idea. Virginia has all of its government controlled by Republigoats, see, and not just any Republigoats, but some of the most whackadoodle Republigoats in the entire country. So this guy, who represents the People’s Republic of Arlington, knew he’d not be able to get the bill scuttled completely. So, he got it in his head to amend the bill to require the woman’s consent before undergoing this procedure.

The amendment failed.

So. From what I take away from this is that just by going into a clinic to get a Constitutionally protected medical procedure performed, a woman can all of a sudden end up with one these

in her vagina, and she will have fuck-all to say about it.

That’s rape. Or, at the very least, it is a violation. It is, certainly, a forced intrusion, and it’s being forced by the guv-ment in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

And what it actually is, friends, is a move meant to scare the living hell out of any woman who gets pregnant and gets it into her head to end the pregnancy.

In 1973, the law of the land decreed that abortion is a legal, and, indeed, a constitutionally protected practice. But this country hasn’t done a damned thing since to defend that right.

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