RIP Roger M. Boisjoly, Go Piss on Ronnie Raygun

Roger M. Boisjoly died recently. He is remembered as the rocket scientist for Morton Thiokol who tried to get NASA to call off the launch of the Space Shuttle Challenger. That’s the shuttle that blew up and killed the entire crew and the school teacher and all, on January 28, 1986.

Boisjoly and a handful of engineers who were paid to know these things knew that if the shuttle were launched in cold weather, the “O” rings would not expand and there would be a fuel leakage and the thing would blow. He and his fellow engineers tried to get NASA not to launch because the weather was too cold, and NASA called bullshit on that.

The Challenger carried the first “teacher in space,” Christa McAuliffe, and was part of a major publicity stunt by the Raygun Administration that was certain to get Ronnie the Raygunner’s picture in the paper with flags and space shuttles and such. That made it a very important matter for NASA, which was not about to risk its funding by pissing off the Raygunner and missing his photo op.

Ms. McAuliffe and the entire crew perished, and Roger Boisjoly spent a year or two in a deep depression and the remainder of his life teaching ethics to engineers. Throughout his life, he continued to ask the question, why didn’t they listen to me. Why did they insist of launching the shuttle.

I have the feeling that Roger M. Boisjoly was not cynical enough to come up with the correct answer. They launched so that tinhorn dipshit Ronnie Raygun could not miss a photo op.

In passing, Roger may now have an opportunity to get an answer. I suggest he leave the comfort of that part of eternity they reserve for honest men and travel to the special place in hell where they keep politicians and scumbags and traitors like Ronnie the Raygunner. Ask him. They say not even the Raygunner can lie in hell.


One thought on “RIP Roger M. Boisjoly, Go Piss on Ronnie Raygun”

  1. Thanks for your kind remembrance of this brave, true man of integrity.

    I’ll never forget sitting in a meeting with my group of engineers when I heard my friend’s scream of agony “They blew up!” as she ran down the hall in tears after watching the launch on someone’s portable TV.

    We knew before the launch about the problem with the “o-rings,” as it was a constant topic of worried conversation when we first heard that Raygun politics was forcing the launch that cold day.

    This is what led to the end of the manned space program.

    Again, thank you for remembering.


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