Look Out Willard!

I have long noted that the GOOP is the dirtiest, scumbaggiest, low-down maggot infested unscrupulous bag of crap that ever played the dirtiest game… politics. The GOOP has no scruples about truth or justice or the American Way when it comes to using the levers of fear, ignorance and hatred to get what it wants.

Willard Romney is about to go into the South Carolina primary and face up to the lowest end of the lowest pit of GOOP skullduggery. There are no rules in South Carolina. They once beat John McCain by intimating that he was both a queer and a nigra lover.

I would not wish the worst that South Carolina can invent about anyone on anyone… even Willard, and I have no love for Willard.

But just by way of prediction, since I always want you to hear it here first: by the time the primary is over, every dumb-assed cracker in the Palmetto State will believe that Dain Capital was written by Karl Marx, Mormons worship Satan, One of  Willard’s other wives is black and one is foreign; and Willard uses secret church services to bugger young boys.

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