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I adore it when a coincidental current events news story allows me to claim some sort of prescience.

In fact, it’s probably just coincidence that just a few nights ago, this blogger was on fire about marriage equality and wrote one of my very favorite pieces of the year, and that I wrote this:

I have an announcement to make to those who oppose marriage equality in these Untied States of America: You are losing.

Six states now sanction marriage equality: Connecticut, Iowa, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Vermont, plus Washington, D.C. and Oregon’s Coquille and Washington state’s Suquamish Indian tribes. State by state and region by region, this issue is turning the right way.

And that now, a week after that post, Washington Gov. Chris Gregoire has dramatically announced her support for gay marriage marriage equality legislation.

Governor. Are you reading us?

You can read the full text of the Governor’s comments here.

Or you can just watch it.

One striking thing about her comments: Not once does she talk about “gay marriage.” She instead discusses “marriage equality.” It is stunning to know that there is a state executive who is aware of the semantic difference and its importance.

It also seems that this governor has taken a page from the book of one Andrew M. Cuomo, who became a bull on this issue in New York and who one could argue as a result that he was largely responsible for the approval of marriage equality in this state. It seems a good model I reckon, especially if you happen to be in a state where the residents don’t seem to mind the idea much anyway. The Pacific Northwest state should have little trouble passing the measure.

But even in a blue blue state like Washington, the bullish leadership of the chief executive can certainly be helpful. Bravo to Gov. Chris Gregoire for coming out—oh my, did I say that?—as a fierce advocate.

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