I Got Nothin’

It’s the final day of Zappadan, and I hate to admit that I got nothin’. I shot my load and did not plan wisely enough to be presenting something as fantastic as G-Spot Tornado today. Or much else. Sorry about that.

All I can report is that I spent a bit of time last night scouring a Metafilter post that discussed the end-of-year music lists. Not a bad thing to do in the waning days of Zappadan; looking for new music. You really do have to pan for it though. I think what’s true now has always been true, that actually good music is damned difficult to find. Most popular music today eludes me, and this is probably partly a function of me getting older, although I have to admit that I’ve recently become fascinated by Nicki Minaj. Boom boom boom doomp.

But that is, sadly, what most “music” is now; a manufactured product increasingly not even made in America, just like everything else. Sometimes, though, you come across an act that is actually trying to make MUSIC.

In that spirit, I present to you, ladies and gentlemen, the Alabama Shakes.

Note that each of these clips is a live performance, not a studio recording or a music video. And for every one I’ve posted, there are 40 more on the YouTube. Live. That means these kids can actually play musical instruments.

Ya’ll can find them at alabamashakes.bandcamp.com where the EP is downloadable for $4. Embed is here:

Facebook page is here, complete with tour dates.

Music. Still the best. Merry Zappadan.

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