Václav Havel

Those of us who are celebrating the holy holiday of Zappadan this year recognize the passing of one Václav Havel, dissident, artist, and the first President of the Czech Republic, who is reported to have discorporated permanently today.

Havel was a rabid fan of Frank Zappa. His favorite Frank Zappa album was Bongo Fury.

Frank Zappa was one of the gods of the Czech underground, I thought of him as a friend. Whenever I feel like escaping from the world of the Presidency, I think of him.

Zappa was so well regarded in the Czech Republic that he for a while entertained the idea of becoming involved in politics there. But Uncle Sam turned the screws on that idea. Then he came down with that cancer bug.

Farewell to Václav Havel. He’s remembered this Zappadan.

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