No One Is Safe

Elizabeth Warren is awesome and very nearly touches on a tin foil beanie idea that I’ve been considering for quite some time.

The idea: The reason there’s so much income inequity in these Untied States of America, the reason there was (and is) such a successful, forceful opposition to health care reform and the reason the propaganda forces got so firmly behind that effort, is because medical science is on the edge of making it so that human beings can live to be 700 years old, and they know it. But the privilege will come at a cost because it is not cheap to keep a spare respiratory system growing in a petrie dish. So the one percent is busy piling up as much dough as they possibly can because when it becomes possible for their grandchildren to live to be 700 years old, their grandchildren will need to pay the doctors and they’ll need as well to pay their caviar bills for a very, very long time.

Just a theory. Either way, Elizabeth Warren is awesome.

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