Props to one of my many former adopted home states for defending collective bargaining rights and for telling Gov. Kasich to suck it. The subhead, of course, is that Ohio approved a measure that rejects health insurance mandates, the central plank to President Obama’s health care reform.

Frankly, good on Ohio for this vote as well.

Mandated coverage is a load of happy horseshit, and this is a good reminder. All it will do is to drive millions of customers to the still-corporate, still thieving, and still wholly unaccountable insurance scheme. We need single payer. We need to blow up the overpaid warthogs who do nothing but take a dollar out of your pocket and hand it to the healers, and then who dictate what you’re entitled to and what you ain’t. Mandated coverage is horseshit, and candidate Obama knew this whereas President Obama plumb forgot.

But Ohio went and remembered. Awwwwww.

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