You’re Mixing Two Things

At first blush, it seems that Herman Cain is confused.

Or, is he?

I first thought he seemed confused here, which is not unthinkable. The Republican position on abortion is utterly confused because it flies in the face of the party’s fantasy that it stands against government interference. I initially thought what you were seeing here was a politician who was belying the difficulty in trying to hold both of those positions simultaneously in one brain.


I think that by the time you reach the end of the tape, your realize that Herman Cain is actually espousing something entirely different.

Herman Cain is quite honestly advocating a return to back-alley abortions.

He doesn’t want them legal. But, he says, if a member of his family needed one, wink, wink. In other words, Herman Cain espouses the very conditions that inspired Linda Coffee and Sarah Weddington to track down Norma McCorvey in the first place. In those days, abortion was illegal. Unless, of course, you had a few bucks.

Herman Cain makes it perfectly clear that he wants to return us to those days, when only rich folks could have that kind of access. Funny how when you strip issues down to a few fundamental parts, they tend to look the same as the others.

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