We Wouldn’t Have Had All These Problems Over All These Years

A death-defying quote in the USA Toady’s story about Alabama’s “tough” new immigration law, which will probably further wreck that state’s economy, which, by the way, is all that tough immigration laws like this one tend to accomplish. But that’s not what this is about. Get a tub of popcorn and put your feet up. This one is a doozy.

Alabama House Speaker Mike Hubbard, a Republican [sic], says he cringes when he hears the law compared to Jim Crow laws, state and local laws that targeted African Americans in the South decades ago and were eventually repealed.

“There’s a big difference,” Hubbard says. “In that time, it was the federal government making the states do what was right. In this case, it’s the state of Alabama trying to make the federal government do what’s right.”

Either that guy was just taken out of context, or he just said on the record that it was the moral duty of the federal government to keep black people and white people from having to swim in the same CEE-ment ponds.

The amazing thing is that it just got reported, just like that. The reporter apparently did not find it necessary to challenge or clarify the quote. I wonder if, in fact, these media gatekeepers failed to register the obvious red flags that were raised by what this guy said.

And I wonder if anyone else will notice it. It is an astonishing quote.

One thought on “We Wouldn’t Have Had All These Problems Over All These Years”

  1. Not to mention editors. I think they are saving money c uttoing back on editing. Or editors, like reporters, just come dumber these days.

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