The Singularity of the Presidency

I know, I know, all of my millions of readers are squawking at me, but Brady, why are you picking on the Preznit so much? Don’t ya know it’s the fault of the Congress? Don’t ya know there’s nothing the Preznit can do beyond the realm of political possibility? Don’t ya know that Obama’s hands are tied?


The President of the United States has a unique, powerful tool and a singular ability to lead. If he wields his office correctly, he can get 80 percent of the work done himself, just by the sheer magnitude of the office, just by flexing its pomp and its circumstance, just by creating some fashion of kingly spectacle.

Just look at the last guy who held the office.

Believe me, this blog has no use what so ever for Preznit Jorge W. Jackass. We think that asshole should have been impeached by the 2006 Congress at the very least, and that at the very most, he and Shooter Douglass and Dickhole Rumsfeld should all be pounding rocks somewhere. But somehow, the previous Preznit at least understood how to wield the power of his office in order to pick up that mountain and move it.

This President could by many various means lead on this thing and have this great country do the right thing. But all indications are that he is bizarrely myopic to only what he can get done within the confines of the United States Congress. It is utterly mind-boggling.

Remember when Obama was running for Preznit and he yelled at the sky, “ENOUGH!”? Remember? Or, remember when he yelled out: “Senator McCain? What economy are you talking about!”? Remember that guy?

Come out and play, buddy. We need ya. And how.

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