If This Is Accurate, Gods Help Us

Robert Reich has some interesting reporting about Obama’s position regarding talking about jobs versus talking about the deficit:

I’m told White House political operatives are against a bold jobs plan. They believe the only jobs plan that could get through Congress would be so watered down as to have almost no impact by Election Day. They also worry the public wouldn’t understand how more government spending in the near term can be consistent with long-term deficit reduction. And they fear Republicans would use any such initiative to further bash Obama as a big spender.

So rather than fight for a bold jobs plan, the White House has apparently decided it’s politically wiser to continue fighting about the deficit. The idea is to keep the public focused on the deficit drama — to convince them their current economic woes have something to do with it, decry Washington’s paralysis over fixing it, and then claim victory over whatever outcome emerges from the process recently negotiated to fix it. They hope all this will distract the public’s attention from the President’s failure to do anything about continuing high unemployment and economic anemia.

If this is accurate, we’re cooked. Remember a central theme here at KIAV: Given a choice between a true Republigoat and a Democrat what quacks like a Republigoat (yes, they quack)…well, hell, you know the rest.

Go read the rest. Robert Reich is one of the truly great Americans.

One thought on “If This Is Accurate, Gods Help Us”

  1. Nice to have Robert Reich confirm what we been saying, even if it means we are right about all the bad shit that will happen soon. Put your money in the mattress.

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