In Which Keith Does Rachel A Big Solid

Methinks Keith Olbermann is one smart dude.

Rachel Maddow just got a MAD long extension on her contract at MSNBC. I think Olbermann made it happen for her. My guess is he knew damned well he was doing her a favor.

Maddow is MSNBC’s highest-rated anchor, and the network was surely clamoring to keep her. Recently, Keith Olbermann has made noises about trying to poach Maddow away from MSNBC and bring her with him to Current TV. The new deal prevents any such move from happening. A source told TVNewser that the deal may extend into 2014.

I think Keith probably knew if he made such noises, MSNBC would have to pull out a nice contract for the freakishly tall anchor. And, I think it was probably fun for Keith to play a role in that.

The Lean Forward network has also committed to give Nation correspondent Chris Hayes his own show. Remember when all those assholes were throwing bricks at Air America Radio claiming that liberal broadcasting can’t possibly work?

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