I Call Gloom and Doom on this One!

It should have been obvious to President Obama weeks ago that the GOOP has no intention of cooperating in any manner to resolve the “crisis” of the debt ceiling. They created the crisis, after all, and what is the value of creating a crisis if you can’t wring it for all its drama. Scare hell out of everyone, wreck the economy and blame it on the President. That is the plan, and the GOOP is sticking to it. If they have demonstrated anything in recent months, it is that they stick to their plan.

Obama’s biggest mistake, of course, was not confronting the GOOP last fall on the subject of taxes for the rich. There lay a golden opportunity to make a political campaign on the choice between taxing the rich or gutting social security. The President, with the complicity of the fool Hairy Reed and dimwit Nancy Pilsudski, chose to give the GOOP what they wanted. (In case our one reader has forgotten, the Busch tax cuts were extended.) Then, being deprived of the best campaign weapon available, the Democrats got their asses kicked in the mid-term elections.

Today’s fight should have been predicted. We knew the debt ceiling had to be raised and we knew that Mitch McConnell is a power hungry maniac who has promised to make Obama a one-term president. Ipse Dixit Rexum Flaxit. Now the President has only one weapon at his disposal, and it is likely too late for it to be effective.

The 14th Amendment, which Brady has already cited here as the obvious solution, is the only stick Obama has left. The Constitution makes it pretty clear that the Congress cannot prevent the nation from paying its bills. The President could have avoided this fight and brought it the Constitution months ago.

Now he can only bring it to the battlefield late in the game when much damage has been done. Too much time has passed, and no one takes Obama seriously any more. This is not the President carrying a big stick. It is the little kid on the ball field chasing bullies with a twig.

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