Halperin’s Anatomy Class

MSNBC analyst Mark Halperin says the President is a dick. Typical inside the beltway analysis of the current political dance.

Halperin said Obama needs to show respect for the GOOP and will not get any place by being tough. The beltway wise guys, who have never really had a good grasp of the current political dynamic, want Obama to cave earlier than ever. Maybe he should.

Here is the truth. Obama’s current problem is that he has never been tough. The GOOP learned a long time ago that Obama is weak and will give them what they want in the end. Failure to stand up for principle on numerous occasions has caused the enemy to understand that Obama does not have a principle he will fight for. Let us repeat the litany: single payer killed before the fight began; stimulus bill compromised critically and substantially weakened in favor of meaningless tax cuts; the Busch tax cuts continued for two years without a fight … thus stealing away the only issue that could have saved the House from the GOOP in 2010. Obama has failed at every turn to defend his position and command the center of the debate.

The pattern is clear and unequicocal. Obama does not undertstand the need to fight from basic principles. He has said tax the rich but he is never there when it needed to be said loud and clear by the party leader. He has said he is for the working man, but never around when the working man is out fighting for his political life (Wisconsin.) Obama has failed to provide his party with the basis for retaking the agenda becaue he has never given more than lip service to real Democratic Party ideals. He has never fought the GOOP and they have no reason to think he will this time.

Halperin says Obama is a Dick. I say he is a Pussy.

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