Weird Equivalency and Another Thing

I woke up this morning as I often do, with a recorded Randi Rhodes show playing. And there was the caller who was, and I am not kidding, insisting that there is some equivalency between how Prudence Palin ended her career as governor of Alaska and how Janet Napolitano ended her career as governor of Arizona.

Let’s review. Napolitano left the governor’s office to serve the President as head of Homeland Security. Palin left the governor’s office to have a reality television show and to be on Fox “News.”

I gotta give the guy credit. Even after this was pointed out to him by one Randi Rhodes, he managed to stick with this absurd position. What a piece of work.

Here’s another though that strikes me in my morning daze: If the Democrats were smart or had any balls, or even if they were in the habit of coming to the aid of one of their own when they’re being ambushed, they would immediately mount hearings looking into security issues with the nation’s social media networks. Get the issue on TV and out there, call Mr. Weiner to testify and laud him as an unfairly-maligned hero for bringing this issue to light. This guy could be mayor of New York City for crissake. It’s time to circle the wagons for him.

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