Happy Memorial Day

I don’t know about you, but I think most Americans have a pretty screwed up notion of what Memorial Day is.

See how many people you know who wish you a “happy” Memorial Day and you’ll see what I mean, or how many of your Facebook friends write that you should “hug a vet” today.

It’s Memorial Day, not bring a Vet to work day.

Generally around here we think that war is dumb. I can’t say I think these Untied States of America have embarked on a war that was actually necessary since World War II. And I think that presently this country is in two wars that we need to get the hell out from. (Yes, we still do have troops in Iraq people.) And I do think that if you’re talking budget cuts and not talking about the defense budget, you’re full of it.

But I’m not foolish peacenik enough to tell you I think we could have what we have without a kickass armed forces. And I’m certainly not one of these liberal observers who was wringing his hands about shooting Osama bin Laden in the eye. I think this Memorial Day holds special significance due to that accomplishment.

But hey. It’s Memorial Day. Let’s remember.

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