It’s All About the Money

Now we know who the Pope has to blame for the Church’s many years of failing to fess up to its sex scandals… its insurers.

The Vienna (VA) Presbyterian Church, after stonewalling and blaming a small group of young girls who had been sexually abused by one of the church’s “youth pastors,” decided to be an actual moral force and apologize. But wait, the insurance company was having nothing to do with it.

“Do not make any statements orally, in writing or in any manner,” wrote the Insurance company lawyer, “acknowledge, admit to or apologize for anything that may be evidence…” that the church may have “caused or contributed to any damages arising from the intentional acts/abuse/conduct “ of the youth minister.

It’s all about the insurance company’s money. And to the credit of the Presbyters of Vienna they chose honor over mannon. (I am starting to like this band of heretics… which also recently voted to allow gay preachers and recognize gay marriage.)

It is clear now that the Pope is being canonized for having saved the crown jewels of the Church from the zillions of dollars in damage claims from the thousands of abused faithful who suffered at the hands of the Priesthood over the last 50 years. Nice to know that one small congregation of presbyters among the millions of self-righteous church goers puts morality before money. Which leads me to my ultimate question. How is it that we don’t tax churches?

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