No. We Have A Revenue Problem.

I heard John Boner say it in one of the sound bytes regarding the ongoing budget kerfuffle, and I am paraphrasing, but he said it almost exactly: We don’t have a revenue problem. We have a spending problem.

That doesn’t even make sense. But it certainly does serve the nation’s fat cats well, does it not?

We have given and preserved under the previous preznit and the current one some of the most ginormous tax cuts ever for the wealthy. Then we had an economic maelstrom the likes of which we have not seen in two generations. I can tell you from my own experience that I will be paying less in taxes in 2011 than I did last year, and, in fact, I got two months from last year I didn’t pony up a dime. How’s about you?

But we don’t have a revenue problem?

Of course we have a revenue problem. Unemployment still hovers around ten percent, and unemployed people only pay taxes if you allow them to collect the unemployment benefits they paid for, which, increasingly, we’re not so much willing to do. If you collect less in taxes, you will have a revenue problem. If my job stops paying me munny, guess what? I have a revenue problem. WE HAVE A REVENUE PROBLEM.

But. If you’re one of these assholes who is sopping up the juices from the Boosch tax cuts, it sure is convenient if the legislators you purchased can work to convince Americans that the problem is that we spend too much munny on poor people and public broadcasting and all those damned abortions, ain’t it? Lookit this shiny thing over here while my friend ducks out the window with that big bag of munny!

That’s all it is, people. We have a revenue problem. And until it gets addressed, prepare to see more and more of this beloved place to look like the tsunami hit here.

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